AFSGear Sponsors the 2023 New York Open Tournament: Here’s What You Need to Know

Tom Scott, World Karate Champion, throwing a punch at the 2023 New York Open Tournament.

The 2023 New York Open Tournament is a highly anticipated martial arts event that brings together athletes from all over the world. Hosted by the Baxter Karate Dojo of New York, the tournament is scheduled to take place in New York City on 10.8.2023.

AFS Gear, the official distributor for Adidas, is also the official sponsor of the 2023 New York Open Tournament. The AFS Gear team will also attend the tournament, and their sponsored athletes will be competing in various categories.

The tournament is open to all levels and features different categories for different age groups and skill levels. Competitors will have the chance to compete in kata, kumite, and weapons categories, and they will be judged on their technique, speed, power, and overall performance.

In addition to the competition, the New York Open Tournament will also feature seminars and workshops led by top martial arts instructors covering advanced techniques, training methods, and competition strategies.

Spectators can expect to witness top athletes from around the world compete in a variety of categories, and experience the excitement and energy of a live martial arts event. Overall, the 2023 New York Open Tournament promises to be an unforgettable event in the karate community, sponsored by AFS Gear.

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