Martial arts is so much more than a workout or learning self-defense. It’s true that you get these and other benefits. But joining this community means you become a part of something that’s bigger than yourself.

What does it mean to be a part of a team, a community, or a family? AFS community is all about learning and growing together, helping fellow students while providing accountability, and supporting and encouraging each other.

Here are a few benefits of joining and being part of our martial arts community:


A martial arts class is full of students with a variety of different backgrounds, fitness levels, and experience. But despite these differences, you immediately share something in common because you’re all working toward a similar goal – learning martial arts. You have the opportunity to learn and improve as a group while focusing on your own personal growth. As a community, you can challenge others to learn new skills and grow both on and off the mat.


One of the benefits you gain from training with others is a sense of accountability. You’re surrounded by a community that values responsibility and making an effort to get results. In this community, we want you to hold yourself personally accountable. However, we want to help you in your martial arts journey by providing some accountability. For example, your fellow students will notice when you don’t show up for a class or workout. And we’ll follow-up to see if you’re okay! Together, we work hard as individuals and celebrate the results together.


In addition to accountability, training and practicing with others is a great way to keep your workouts fun. And the encouragement from this community can help you get through a challenging class or workout. We’re all here to work hard while encouraging each other and having a good time.