Layla Ocana: Proudly Representing Puerto Rico and Making History in Karate

At AFSGear, we are thrilled to sponsor and support talented athletes who embody the spirit of dedication and perseverance. One such athlete is Layla Ocana, a remarkable karateka who has embarked on a journey to represent her family roots and make a lasting impact in the world of karate. In this blog post, we celebrate Layla’s achievements and highlight her incredible journey as she prepares to compete in the upcoming Central American & Caribbean Games.

Returning to Her Family Roots

A year and a half ago, Layla made the bold decision to embrace her family roots and represent Puerto Rico in karate. With unwavering determination, she embarked on a new path that would redefine her career and lead to extraordinary accomplishments. The moment Layla switched her allegiance, she ignited a spark that would shape her destiny and carve her name in karate history.

Making History in the Central American & Caribbean Region

Shortly after her switch, Layla achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the first female junior kata athlete to secure a medal in the prestigious Central American & Caribbean Region representing Puerto Rico. Her exceptional performance caught the attention of “FEPUKA,” the national governing body of karate in Puerto Rico, who recognized her immense potential.

Qualifying for the Central American & Caribbean Games

Building upon her success, Layla was offered an incredible opportunity by FEPUKA to compete for a spot in the Central American & Caribbean Games. This quadrennial event brings together athletes from various sports disciplines across the region to compete in an Olympic-style format. At just 17 years old, Layla shattered records by becoming the youngest-ever qualifier for the games and the first female kata athlete in the history of Puerto Rico.

Embracing the Opportunity

As the Central American & Caribbean Games draw near, Layla is fully embracing the magnitude of this opportunity. With determination, passion, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, she is leaving no stone unturned in her preparation. Layla’s dedication and focus are a testament to her desire to make her family, her country, and AFSGear proud.

A Proud Puerto Rican Muslim Ready to Make History

Layla Ocana embodies the spirit of resilience and diversity. As a proud Puerto Rican Muslim, she carries the weight of representing not only her country but also her faith. With the support of AFSGear and her unwavering belief in her abilities, Layla is determined to put Puerto Rico on the map and inspire future generations of karatekas.

At AFSGear, we stand behind Layla Ocana as she continues to make strides in her karate journey. Her remarkable achievements and dedication serve as an inspiration to all aspiring athletes. As Layla embraces the upcoming Central American & Caribbean Games, we are confident that she will leave an indelible mark on the world of karate and shine as a true representative of Puerto Rico.

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